Maquiladoras are one of the unique commercial features of the Southwestern United States. These manufacturing enterprises operate under special free trade zones, importing and exporting goods, raw materials, and other equipment duty and tariff free. These goods are then either assembled, processed, or manufactured, and ultimately resold to a variety of buyers, some even in the country from where the raw materials originally came.

These markets are named after the Spanish word “maquiladora,” which refers to millers charging a “maquila”—or a miller’s portion—for carrying out the labor of processing grain procured from others.

Since maquiladoras import and export goods while eliminating duties and tariffs, the prices for these products are usually far lower than comparable products made here in the U.S. This has made the maquiladora assembly market popular for a variety of industries, especially since the late 1990s.

The Keats Southwest Advantage Over Maquiladoras?

The Keats companies have over 50 years of experience serving the assembly needs of our customers throughout various industries.   In 1994, we extended our operations by opening our Keats Southwest facility in El Paso, Texas, in order to better serve our growing customer base.

Our goal with Keats Southwest was to respond to our customers’ demands by establishing a branch on the Mexican border in order to more efficiently serve the maquiladora assemblies and all those who depend on these operations.

Keats Southwest is at a logistical advantage due to our location less than 5 miles from the Ysleta port of entry in El Paso, TX.  Due to our close proximity to the maquiladora market we are able to provide many of our customers with “Just In Time” inventory solutions.   We often make daily shipments to our maquiladora customers in order to help them cut freight and inventory costs.

With Keats Southwest, we can ensure the highest of quality in our products. Our technicians, engineers, and employees are all highly skilled professionals, with invaluable years of expertise. We bring these strengths and a decades-long expertise to the every product shipped from our El Paso facility.

In addition, we are fully dedicated to high quality throughout our facilities and across our enterprise. Our ISO & TS certifications are readily available on our website. We inspect all of our wire forms, stampings, metal forms and assemblies to ensure the highest quality and best service in every shipment. Browse our capabilities today, and discover how we can help you with your next project.

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