Keats Manufacturing designed and built a large series of annealed spring steel link cartridges for use in military applications.

Based off a customer supplied print, we formed these products pictured here from .040” thick ASTM A684 1047 annealed spring steel, meeting tight precision tolerances down to ±.005”. In order to fulfill our client’s strict product requirements, we also used AutoCAD software to design the tooling for these units. Successfully meeting military specifications, we designed, built, and delivered 1,000,000 annealed spring steel link cartridges to our client’s facility located in the South East U.S. within a 6-8 week lead time.

Annealed Spring Steel Link Cartridge

Product Description

Annealed Spring Steel Link Cartridge Used in a Military Application

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Formed Strip Steel

Tightest Tolerance


Material Thickness


Material Applied

ASTM A684 1047 Annealed Spring Steel

Industry for Use



1,000,000 Pieces

Delivery Time

6-8 Weeks

Delivery Location

South East U.S.A.

Standards Met

Customer Supplied Print

Product Name

Link Cartridge

Project Scope

Design and Build Cartridge for Military Application

Design Work

AutoCAD Design Software to Design Tooling


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