Why You Need Custom Metal Clips

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When an off-the-shelf clip just won’t get the job done, you can turn to the experts at Keats Manufacturing Co. to manufacture your custom clip exactly to your spec. We specialize in the design, manufacturing, and assembly of high volume custom metal clips for a broad range of applications, including highly technical industries requiring the […]

Difference Between Multi-Slide and Progressive Die Stamping

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Various manufacturing processes require the use of precision metal-stamped products made from slit coil steel, copper, and brass, among other materials. These products are manufactured using power press stamping machines specifically built to produce parts from coiled metal or another similar material. There is more than one type of stamping machine. The first is the […]

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Compound vs. Progressive vs. Transfer Die

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Compound, progressive, and transfer die stamping are all methods used to produce metal stamped parts for many industries. The three die stamping methods allow manufacturers to meet unique design specifications, tolerances, and volumes, but it is crucial to choose the right process method that meets your needs. Compound Die Compound die stamping is a metal […]

Vehicle / Car Electrical System

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Modern cars have a range of electrical connectors and terminals that control the internal system. This complex equipment controls and operates dozens of functions while providing critical real-time information to the driver. As the world makes the transition from ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) to electric-powered vehicles, the technology and components needed to support that transition […]

Key Considerations When Choosing a Metal Stamping Partner

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Metal stamping is a manufacturing process that employs a specialized press, as well as tool and die set, to form sheet metal into a specified shape and size. Industry professionals employ metal stamping processes to produce a wide range of industrial parts and products. When looking for a metal stamping partner, there are several considerations […]

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