At Keats Manufacturing Co. we understand that our customers often have a need to transfer existing progressive die or four-slide tooling.  Over the years we have successfully completed hundreds of transfer tooling packages.  We know that the most important thing when transferring production tooling is a smooth transition and a quick launch with the new supplier.  We are here to help our customers when they are interested in moving their tooling & production to Keats.

Our experienced team of project managers, engineers and manufacturing production professionals regularly facilitate the smooth launch of transfer tooling programs.  A seamless transfer tool launch is achieved through the following steps:

1. Assess

  • Determine Part Specifications
  • Determine material input requirements
  • Confirm tooling will fit in our equipment
  • Review tooling drawings & CAD files
  • Determine if our production equipment can meet volume requirements

2. Inspect

  • Receive tooling
  • Inspect tooling for problems
  • Determine remaining tooling life in current condition
  • Generate complimentary Transfer Tool Inspection Report

3. Suggest

  • Recommend improvements / repairs if necessary
  • Inform customer of costs and lead times for improvements

4. Execute

  • Perform tooling improvements / repairs
  • Produce first samples
  • Inspect & submit samples

5. Produce

  • Begin mass production

If you are interested in moving your tooling to Keats please complete the below questionnaire.  The information provided will help us begin step 1 of the transfer tool project which is to assess and determine if we are capable of using your tool in our equipment.  We will also use the information gathered to provide estimated costs for piece parts and help us determine if any repairs or modifications will be required in the following phases of the project.


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