Custom Metal Parts and Components

Since 1958, Keats Manufacturing has been providing customers with high-quality custom metal products, such as small metal stampings, wire forms, and assemblies. Our diverse capabilities allow us to create highly versatile, reliable components that fit clients’ unique applications and needs, no matter how complex or unusual.

Custom Assemblies

At Keats, we provide custom metal part assemblies for clients across the automotive, aerospace, appliance, and general manufacturing sectors. Our custom assembly capabilities include multistage tooling to eliminate secondary processes, in-line contact staking insertion, in-die tapped and threaded holes with or without screw/fastener insertions, and in-line part-to-part assembly to reduce component costs. Just-in-time (JIT) delivery is offered for all assemblies.  Our new state of the art manufacturing facility in Queretaro Mexico also allows us to perform complex, multi-stage, manual assembly at an extremely competitive price point.

Custom Brackets

We have extensive experience producing custom metal brackets for various products and applications, including door panels, instrument panels, fender assemblies, airbags, anti-lock brake systems, and control switches. Keats offers a range of plating services, including barrel, rack, dip-spin, e-coat, and selective precious metal reel to reel. For our brackets, we can provide just-in-time delivery and full design and assembly services. All brackets adhere to the standards outlined in the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS).

Custom Electrical Terminals

We also manufacture custom electrical terminals for clients across various industries, including the automotive, aerospace, communications, construction, medical/medical device, electrical, appliance, military, machining, and general manufacturing sectors. We can customize electrical terminals using a wide range of metals and alloys, as well as pre-post, selective, and precious plating. Our team also offers wire bonding services and secondary forming services with selective plating.

Custom Metal Bushings

Keats designs custom metal bushings to protect against noise, friction, and movement. Our custom metal bushings are available in various shapes and sizes (e.g., oval, round, tall, and small). Diamond imprints and knurl patterns can be incorporated as needed, and we can work with an array of metal and composite materials. Cutting-edge four-slide/multi-slide stamping press technology and an experienced 18-member quality-control team ensure optimal quality. JIT delivery is available for all bushing products.

Custom Metal Clips

The team at Keats manufactures custom metal clips for clients in the automotive and appliance industries, with products commonly used in door panels, instrument panels, fender assemblies, airbags, anti-lock brake systems, control systems, wire management solutions, solar panels and consumer goods.  Our custom capabilities include unlimited plating, austempering, vacuum hardening, and oil quenching. As with our other product lines, just-in-time delivery is available.

Custom Metal Stamping

We’re proud to specialize in custom metal stamping, and our skilled team can create a huge selection of custom metal products — from micro-miniature parts to large, intricate components. We offer several production methods, including four-slide/multi-slide stamping, progressive die stamping & stage forming. We also offer secondary services, such as plating, heat treating, powder coating, and stress relieving, and can include threaded, countersunk, numbered, and embossed features to fit clients’ unique designs. Some of the most common components produced from metal stamping include electronic connectors, sensor components, printer cartridge blades, medical components, insert moldings, fuse clips, and furniture parts.

Custom Lead Frames

As one of the leading producers of lead frames, we offer a wide range of custom frame products, which are often used to hold microchips. These frames provide great versatility in various applications, from microelectronics to automobiles. Not only does Keats manufacture lead frames in a range of shapes and sizes, we also offer pre-post, selective, and precious plating, as well as secondary forming with selective plating and wire bonding. In-house tooling allows for the simultaneous production of multiple parts, and JIT delivery ensures reliability for our clients.

Custom Shields

Our metal shield capabilities are far-reaching to ensure customers across industries have access to metal shields that precisely fit their unique application needs. We offer a wide range of shapes and sizes (e.g., oval, round, tall, and small), as well as diamond imprints, knurl patterns, split and butt seams, minimum-to-zero gap and interlocking features, and radio frequency and printed circuit board capabilities. Our four-slide/multi-slide stamping presses and stringent quality control processes, led by a 18-member team, ensure consistency and quality in everything we do. And JIT delivery ensures clients get the exact shields they need, when they need them.

Custom Wire Forms

Our industry-leading custom wire forms are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Depending on the application at hand, we make use of cutting-edge fabrication procedures — such as bending, drawing, cutting, flattening, stretching, and straightening — and can work with various metals, such as titanium, pre-plated materials, and alloys. Keats offer products in ultra-fine sizes of up to 0.008 inch, with finished tolerances of up to 0.0001 inch. With these wide-ranging capabilities, we can manufacture all kinds of wire-form products, including wire fasteners, links, springs, rings, hooks, and terminals.

Quality Assurance

At Keats, we’re proud to serve clients across a range of industries — including the automotive, appliance, medical, aerospace, communications, electronics, military, construction, and furniture fields. Our cutting-edge facilities allow us to provide a wide range of manufacturing services for custom metal components; Keats’ facilities house 150+ metal stamping and wire forming machines, four-slide/multi-slide and stamping press technologies, computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technologies, and five electrical discharge machining (EDM) and computer numerical control (CNC) machines. We also offer prototyping services and can handle high-volume orders of up to 500 million parts. Our skilled team is comprised of 25 of the most experienced tool and die makers in the industry.

At Keats, we’re dedicated to not only providing uncompromised quality, but also to upholding the highest industry standards with our strict quality control processes and range of certifications. In fact, our to U.S locations currently comply with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and IATF 16949 standards to ensure optimal value and quality in all of our custom metal products.  Our Queretaro Mexico facility is ISO 9001 Certified.  In support of our commitment to quality, our in-house 6 person engineering department proudly designs and engineers all of our tooling to ensure unparalleled precision and consistency.

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For nearly six decades, Keats Manufacturing has been developing the skills and expertise needed to deliver high-quality, custom metal products to customers across a huge range of industries. With our deep commitment to quality control and innovation, we ensure optimal reliability, precision, and value in everything we do. And thanks to our state-of-the art equipment, industry certifications, tight quality-control processes, and wide-ranging customization options, we guarantee our customers the highest levels of quality in the final custom metal components they receive.

To learn more about the products and services we offer, or to discuss your next project with one of our experts, contact the team today. For tips on saving money and improving the turnaround time of your metal stamping project, download our free eBook, “10 Ways to Reduce Turnaround Time & Cost of a Metal Stamped Part.”


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