Manufacturing in the Global Environment

We’ve talked much about the American manufacturing industry here on our blog, but one thing that transcends national borders is environmental consciousness.  Within manufacturing, as well as on a global scale, a key concern for many responsible businesses is the objective to operate in a way that impacts our environment the least, and demonstrate an awareness and attentiveness to how the processes of production are regulated and managed, to optimize efficiency and minimize waste.
The organization that provides the global standards and certifications is ISO, and the particular series of certifications concerning the environment is the 14000 series.  Last month, Keats again passed our ISO 14001:2015 inspection and received our certification, something we’re quite happy about and proud of.   This certification covers many responsible business practices throughout our facilities, from the offices to the factory floor.  With considerations as broad as light-bulb types to spill-containment procedures, the certification ensures that energy management and environmentally sound practices are employed.
As awareness and concern for proper environmental practices grows, we at Keats want to be on the leading edge of reform, implementing and encouraging realistic approaches to energy management and environmental responsibility.  We hope you agree, and will continue with us on the road to an eco-friendly future.