At Keats Manufacturing Co., we custom design and manufacture high-quality wire forms in a number of different shapes and sizes. To develop our industry-leading wire forms, the experts at Keats utilize a wide variety of cutting-edge fabrication procedures such as bending, drawing, cutting, flattening, stretching and straightening.

Custom Wire Forms created by Keats Manufacturing

Extensive Wire Form Capabilities

Our customers rely on Keats Manufacturing Company to produce a number of different wire form products including wire fasteners, links, springs, rings, hooks and terminals. All of our products are available in ultra-fine sizes of up to 0.18” and our finished wire products have tolerances up to 0.0005”. Keats works with all the leading material types like titanium, pre-plated materials, and numerous alloys.

We produce our custom wire form shapes using the latest four-slide, multi-slide and CNC machinery. We can also weld small forms together to create wire assemblies. In addition, Keats custom designs all of our own tools in-house, thereby saving our customers time and money.

Additional Services

In addition to our custom wire form capabilities, we also offer additional services such as coining, chamfering, piercing, assembly, design, grinding, and welding. Our designers will coordinate with you to develop wire forms that meet your exact requirements.

Keats is ISO-9001, ISO-14001 and TS-16949 compliant. Additionally, to ensure high quality across all our wire forms, we collect data across each manufacturing stage to facilitate final inspection before delivery.

Contact us today to find out why the biggest names in the agricultural and automotive industries come to Keats for their most complex custom wire form projects.

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