Product Highlight: Reel to Reel Terminals and Contacts

At Keats Manufacturing Company, we specialize in building high-precision terminals and contacts for electrical transmission. Essential for the automotive industry and a wealth of other applications, reel to reel custom parts maximize convenience and cost effectiveness.

Reel to reel terminals are valuable for high volume orders of precision parts and are often used in customers’ automated assembly systems. Keats Manufacturing fulfills our customers’ most complex reel to reel requirements with technologically advanced equipment, providing contacts and terminals on lead frames, tape and reels, custom reel to reel terminals, and returnable/disposable reels.

How We Do It

Reel to Reel TerminalsCreating reels of close tolerance terminals and contacts requires advanced stamping techniques. We employ progressive die and four-slide/multi-slide stamping to manufacture enormous volumes of high-precision components (sometimes 20 million or more parts) with the industry’s closest tolerances, including down to ± .001”.

This process starts with the latest AutoCAD software to design custom tooling and ends with complete manufacturing, inspection, and delivery to the customer. With the use of quality materials such as copper, brass, phosphor bronze, various silver oxides, and grades of steel, our stamping processes fulfill virtually any requirement for volume and accuracy.

Progressive Die Stamping

No matter how complex or precise the final product needs to be, progressive die stamping is an efficient and accurate solution. The process itself is fairly simple: materials are fed through a series of progressive stamping stations until the final part is complete.

Though the process is fairly simple, our equipment is impressive, offering quick die change and 5 to 150 tons of die pressure to achieve tight tolerances on parts with multiple critical dimensions. The process combines premium accuracy with high volume capabilities, easily producing orders up to 20 million parts or more.

Progressive stamping is accomplished using multiple forming and cutting stations, with quality assured by high-tech digital part inspections. Fully automated and hand packaging are both available, as well as careful tape and reel packing, which ensures that all of our customers’ parts are delivered in the best possible condition.

Four-Slide Stamping

Steel ShieldHighly efficient and cost effective, four-slide stamping employs die pressure ranging from 1 to 40 tons of raw materials in flat sheet metal form. These machines combine multiple processes into one piece of equipment, forming and shaping high volumes of parts with the utmost accuracy. Though this involves a more complex process, it is preferable for use in many types of projects.

There are numerous advantages to part production using a four slide machine. The first is lower costs: these units require less labor, less material handling, and less expensive equipment than progressive die stamping systems. Four-slide stamping machines also require no die set and are generally more productive.

Multiple Machines for Complex Requirements

Depending on the complexity and material requirements of our customers’ projects, multiple machining processes may be necessary. A full array of high-tech equipment is available in our facility in addition to our stamping machines — all of which are operated and overseen by the most experienced machinists and die-makers in the industry. These include multiple EDM, CNC machines, and more.

At Keats, our quality is unsurpassed. We ensure that every step of the design and manufacturing process is completed to meet the industry’s most stringent requirements, with final inspections performed before every delivery.

For us, efficiency is just as important as quality. We maintain fully up-to-date Kanban software to ensure our customers receive Just-In-Time (JIT) delivery whenever required — even for the highest volume orders. Whenever a question or issue arises, our highly responsive customer service team is there to help.

With our high volume capabilities and precision machinery, we are a perfect match for all customers who need reel to reel terminals and contacts.

For more information about these products and their industrial applications, check out our eBook, Design Considerations for Automotive Electrical Contacts & Terminals.

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Download the eBook: Design Tips for Automotive Electrical Systems

10 Steps to Convert Machined Prototypes to Progressive Die Stamped Parts

Once you have a prototype made, what’s your next step? Even if the prototype was made using traditional machining capabilities, you have other fabricating options that may offer you more in terms of cost and time savings.

For your next project, consider converting traditionally machined prototypes into progressive die stamped parts. Utilizing progressive die stamping for full production runs of components can be a major source of cost savings. Changing fabrication methods is a source of maximizing efficiency and minimizing costs. Reducing a project’s bottom line is something everyone should think about.

It isn’t a difficult task to go about switching manufacturing processes and we make it even easier. With our in-depth knowledge and over 50 years of experience in the industry, Keats is your partner in realizing the full benefits of progressive die stamping.

10 Steps to Convert to Progressive Die Stamped Parts eBookVarious Fabrication Processes

Even if a prototype was fabricated through traditional machining operations doesn’t mean that machined parts can’t be produced using a different fabrication process. Utilizing innovative solutions, such as progressive die stamping, that are more cost effective over traditional machining operations should be considered before beginning full production of machined prototypes.

Utilizing a comprehensive and highly evolved 10-step plan, we examine every aspect of the process. From prototype analysis through to long-term, high volume maintenance considerations, Keats assists in every aspect of part migration.

Keats’ 10 Steps to Progressive Die Stamping

To help you appreciate our attention to detail, we have published an eGuide that lays out the 10-step process we follow. By downloading 10 Steps to Convert Your Machined Prototype to a High Volume Progressive Die Stamped Part you will see what happens in each part of the process.

These 10 steps include analysis of the prototype, designing the part for manufacturability tool design, and production scheduling. The goal throughout this process is to provide maximum value for your high volume parts. Running through these steps gives you an idea of how the progressive die stamping process, and Keats in particular, can maximize efficiency while minimizing costs.

Download eBook: 10 Steps to Convert to a Progressive Die Stamped Part
Once you have looked through 10 Steps to Convert Your Machined Prototype to a High Volume Progressive Die Stamped Part, feel free to contact us to learn more about how Keats can help you improve your bottom line.

DIY Metal Stamping

Recently we have noticed an exciting and interesting new trend: the idea of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) home metal stamping. Aimed mostly at jewelry makers and artists, companies are selling kits that allow people to design and manufacture small metal stampings all in the comfort of their own homes. Before the Industrial Revolution DIY was the only way to do metal stamping, but since then most people have relied on companies like Keats to handle the intricacies of metal stamping.

For us the idea of DIY metal stamping is good thing, because it introduces and familiarizes people with the core of our business. Of course, if you can make a nice piece of jewelry at home, just imagine what the experts at Keats can do for you. Our precision, industry leading four-slide, deep drawn stamping, and progressive die stamping capabilities, are all perfectly suited for all your production-quality jewelry manufacturing needs. With outstanding design flexibility and the ability to maximize the use of each piece of pre-patterned and coated metal sheet metal, we turn your ideas into high-quality products. Our methods are fast, reliable, and multi-functional and we have a great selection of secondary services.

If you are looking to turn your small jewelry making business into something more, then you might want to consider entrusting your metal stamping to Keats. We treat all of our customers like family, so you know your dreams and art will be in caring and expert hands.