Brass Terminal Screw Assembly for the Appliance Industry

A customer from the appliance industry approached Keats to stamp and assemble 2 million brass terminal screw assemblies for garage door openers.

First, our engineering team decided that using our multislide machine to stamp the .032″ thick, .67″ long and .332 wide assemblies would save the client time and money during the assembly process. After the assemblies were stamped and assembled, they were plated with an Electrobright tin over copper flash. We were able to hold tightest tolerances of ±.005″ throughout the stamping and assembly of the pre-tinned #260 brass screw assemblies.

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Project Highlights of a Brass Terminal Screw Assembly for the Appliance Industry

Product Description

This brass terminal screw assembly is used within a garage door opener.

Capabilities Applied/Processes

-Our engineering team created a cost effect solution to make the assembly method more efficient by utilizing our multislide-machine
-Multislide Stamping

-Assemble Screw into Stamping
-Electrobright Tin Over Copper Flash for Solderability

Overall Part Dimensions

Material Thickness: .032"
Length: .67" Width: .332"
Width: .332"

Tightest Tolerances


Material Used

Pre Tinned #260 Brass

Material Finish

Electrobright Tin

Industry for Use



2 Million

Delivery Time


Delivery Location


Standards Met

Customer specifications

Product Name

Brass Terminal Screw Assembly


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Keats De Mexico

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