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The beryllium copper spring contact was manufactured by Keats Manufacturing Company for a large medical component manufacturer in Minnesota. These spring contacts were used in hearing aid applications.

Stamping dies were designed in-house using AUTOCAD, based on the customers’ supplied specifications in print and .DWG file. Tight quality control employed in the stamping process ensured that all 120,000 spring contacts complied with tight tolerances of 0.0005”. The product also required gold plating. It was delivered within 35 days of receipt of the order.

Custom Beryllium Copper Spring-Contact Stamping

Product Description

Beryllium Contact-Spring for Hearing Aid Applications

Industry for Use


Capabilities Applied/Processes

Formed Contact

Tightest Tolerance

0.0005 Inches

Material Thickness

0.005 Inches

Material Applied

Gold Plating

Material Used

#25 Beryllium Copper

Material Finish

Gold Plated

Secondary Operations Applied

Barrel Gold Plate


120,000 Pieces

Delivery Time


Delivery Location


Standards Met

Customer supplied print, .DWG AutoCAD file

Design Work

AutoCAD design software to design tooling


Keats Manufacturing

Keats Southwest

Keats De Mexico

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