We manufactured and assembled the contact assembly seen in the image for use in appliance timer controls. AutoCAD software was used to design the automated assembly for terminals, blades and contacts.

The parts were manufactured individually using our stamping process. Brass, used in this assembly, was pre-plated with 100% tin for improved corrosion resistance. The silver contacts were assembled during the stamping process. The customer also saved on inventory as we offered JIT delivery services for the 300,000 pieces ordered. We delivered the contact assemblies directly to the customer’s location in Mexico.

Custom Copper Top Spring Stamping & Contact Assembly

Product Description

This copper terminal assembly is used in an appliance timer control.

Capabilities Applied/Processes


Tightest Tolerance

0.001 inches

Material Thickness

0.015 inches Copper & 0.032 inches Pre-tinned brass

Material Applied

Pre-tinned brass

Material Used

#194 Copper, #260 Brass and Silver rivet

Material Finish

Pre-plate 100% tin dip

Secondary Operations Applied

In process assembly of silver contact, JIT delivery

Industry for Use



300,000 pieces

Delivery Time


Delivery Location


Standards Met

Customer supplied print, .DWG AutoCAD file

Product Name

Top spring contact and terminal assembly

Project Scope

Design and build automated assembly for appliance controls application

Design Work

AutoCAD design software to design automated assembly for terminal, blade and contact.


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