Keats and the High-End Appliance Renaissance

At a time when thing are still not back to normal with our economy, retailers are wary of over stocking their shelves and warehouses.  However, there is one group of items that they are actually having trouble keeping in stock. Chain stores like Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Best Buy, and Lowe’s keep bringing in shoppers in the market for high-end appliances.  Each is competing with the other to sell the latest restaurant-grade stoves and high-tech dishwashers. Unlike the home electronics market, appliance prices have stayed steady and are actually starting to rise. Thus, as stores begin to offer discounts in an effort to compete with each other, it raises the interest of customers who in general are afraid to part with their money.  These aren’t giant discounts, so the sellers are still turning a profit off these high-end goods. It’s not to say that the industry is back from the brink, experts still project a 1% drop in large appliance sales for 2012, but it is good to see that things are at least heading in a positive direction.

As always, all three of our locations, Keats, Keats Coastal Stamping, and Keats Southwest will continue providing the appliance industry with the very best small metal stampings, wireforms, and assemblies around. Even during tough times, quality and amazing customer service never go out of style.

The demand for high-end
appliances continues to grow.