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  1. Is Precision Metal Stamping Right for Your Application?

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    Precision metal stamping is a manufacturing process that utilizes a custom tool and die set installed in a stamping press to turn sheet metal into the desired components. It is used in a wide range of industries to create large quantities of parts and products with high precision, accuracy, and speed. While this process offers manufacturing advantages, it is not appropriate for every production project.

    The following article discusses some of the considerations to keep in mind when determining whether precision metal stamping is right for your project. It provides an overview of the process, the benefits it offers, and the typical industries that use it.

    An Overview of Precision Metal Stamping

    Metal stamping—also sometimes referred to as pressing—relies on specialized tooling (i.e., a tool and die set) and equipment (i.e., a press) to form metal sheets and coils into the required shape and size. The pressure exerted on the workpiece by the press forces the material to conform to the shape formed by the tool and die. This process can occur in a single stage or across several stages, depending on the simplicity or complexity of the end product. Precision metal stamping operations largely rely on the use of automated equipment, which ensures the finished components are both precise and accurate.

    In addition to higher precision and accuracy, some of the other advantages the precision metal stamping process demonstrates over other manufacturing processes include:

    • Greater product and process quality. Accuracy offered by the precision metal stamping process translates to a lower error rate during production. This means there is a smaller chance of producing faulty or flawed parts making it into the hands of customers.
    • Lower production costs. A generally automated process, precision metal stamping mitigates the need for manual labor. This quality also results in a lower error rate, which translates to less material utilization and waste during a production run.

    Industries Served

    As indicated above, the precision metal stamping process finds application in a wide range of industries. Some of the industries that regularly employ the process for the production of their parts and products include:


    Metal Stamping for AutomotiveIn the automotive industry, stamping is used to create a variety of structural and functional parts used in vehicle bodies and frames, electrical systems, steering systems, and more. Some examples of typical automobile parts made in metal stamping operations include:

    • Brackets and hangers
    • Electrical terminals and connectors
    • Wire forms (e.g., tire and under chassis components)


    In the aerospace industry, parts and products are subject to strict manufacturing requirements and restrictions. These guidelines are in place to ensure the safety of the aircraft’s personnel and passengers and the public. For this reason, aerospace components manufacturers (e.g., Keats Manufacturing Co.) maintain certification and compliance with various industry standards such as Mil-spec and RoHS. Some of the metal stamped parts and products commonly produced for aerospace applications include:

    • Assemblies
    • Brackets
    • Bushings
    • Clips
    • Lead frames
    • Shields
    • Terminals
    • Wire forms

    Medical Devices

    Metal Stamping for Medical DevicesSimilar to the aerospace industry, the medical device industry has many standards dictating how a component should be made. These exceptionally high standards ensure the safety of medical practitioners and patients. Standard and custom metal stampings are found in a variety of medical devices, including:

    • Connectors, couplings, and fittings
    • Equipment housing and sleeves
    • Implants and prosthetics
    • Pump and motor components
    • Surgical instruments and equipment
    • Temperature probes

    Electrical Distribution

    Professionals in the electrical distribution industry make use of many different metal stamped parts and products in circuit breakers, distribution boxes, switches, transformers, and other critical equipment. Some examples include:

    • Brackets
    • Clips
    • Contacts
    • Inserts
    • Shields
    • Terminals


    Metal Stamping for Appliances - Washing MachinePrecision metal stampings are found in a wide range of commercial and residential appliances, such as:

    • Automatic garage doors
    • Dishwashers
    • Dryers
    • Garbage disposals
    • Grills
    • HVAC units
    • Irrigation systems
    • Ovens
    • Pool filtration and pump systems
    • Refrigerators
    • Security systems
    • Stoves
    • Thermostats
    • Washers
    • Water heaters

    Renewable Energy

    The renewable energy industry encompasses solar, wind, geothermal, and other clean energy operations. As the industry grows in response to the push for greater sustainability, so too does the need for reliable parts for power generation and distribution equipment and systems. Some of the metal stamped components regularly produced for such applications are:

    • Antennas
    • Brackets and clips
    • Cases, inserts, and retainers
    • Fan blades
    • Grounding straps and busbars
    • Heat sinks
    • Plates
    • Shields
    • Terminals and contacts

    Contact the Precision Metal Stamping Experts at Keats Manufacturing Today

    The precision metal stamping process plays a critical role in the production of components for many industries. For customers looking for an experienced and knowledgeable metal stamping partner, the Keats Manufacturing team is here to help.

    At Keats Manufacturing, we’ve provided custom small metal stamping solutions for over 60 years. Armed with extensive manufacturing experience and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, we can fulfill nearly every metal stamping request with a high-quality product solution. To find out more about our metalworking capabilities or partner with us on your next project, contact us or request a quote today.

  2. Custom Metal Stampings for Appliance Industry

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    Since 1958, Keats Manufacturing Co. has been outfitting specialty industries with high-performance, long-lasting custom metal stampings. With years of experience and a deep understanding of unique application needs, our expert team can handle even the most intricate small metal stampings, wire forms, and assemblies.

    For decades, customers have turned to our facility for its unique combination of comprehensive quality control, superior efficiency, and advanced technological innovation. Our team boasts 25 of the industry’s most experienced die makers, and our stamping, forming, tapping / threading and assembly services easily meet and exceed the most demanding standards and regulations.

    Custom Stamped Metal Components

    Appliance manufacturing utilizes some of the most complex metal components in modern industry: Custom Terminals, Brackets, Clips, Ground Straps, Contacts, Shields, Bushings, Inserts, Clamps, Springs, Covers, Sleeves, Washers, Heat Sinks, Cases, Antennas, Plates are just a few of the specialized parts frequently used in modern-day appliances.

    Keats Manufacturing and all Keats plants provide small metal stampings suited to customers’ exact specifications while maintaining consistently tight tolerances. Making use of four-slide, multi-slide, and progressive die punch press technologies, we can offer unique appliance components such as:

    • Assemblies, including multistage tooling to eliminate secondary processes
    • Clips made from annealed spring steel and subsequently heat treated to custom HRC requirements using the austempering, vacuum hardening, oil quench processes.
    • Unlimited RoHS compliant plating resources such as Zinc, Nickel, Tin. and other finish options, including, Dip and Spin & Black Oxide
    • Bushings and Brackets for instrument panels, door panels, and more
    • Lead frames for electronics and microchip management
    • Shields and Heat Sinks in a wide range of sizes and imprints
    • Terminals with pre-post, selective, and precious metal plating (pre & post)
    • Wire forms, including fasteners, links, springs, rings, hooks, and terminals

    Common Appliance Industry Applications

    Stamped metal components are essential parts of nearly all domestic and commercial appliances, including:

    • Ovens and stoves
    • Washers and Dryers
    • Dishwashers and in-sink waste disposal units.
    • Refrigeration systems, including walk-in and beverage coolers
    • Grills, rotisseries, and outdoor kitchens
    • Security systems & Garage door systems
    • Hoods and ventilation, dehumidification, fan & vacuum systems
    • Thermostats and temperature control devices
    • Water Heaters and HVAC units.
    • Irrigation Systems
    • Pool & spa pumps and filtration systems

    Industry groups and associations

    At Keats we have a commitment to continuous improvement and the development and utilization of the latest manufacturing technology.  In order to stay on the cutting edge in our marketplace Keats management remains in leadership positions within the following industry trade groups:

    • PMA – Precision Metalforming Association
    • SMI– Spring Manufacturers Institute
    • TMA – Technology & Manufacturing Association

    Precision Manufacturing from Keats

    Keats Manufacturing is proud to provide customers with some of the highest-quality custom metal stamped parts, wire forms and assemblies on the market. Our facilities are certified to the following standards:

    • ISO 9001
    • IATF 16949
    • ISO 14001

    We collect data at each and every step of the manufacturing process, and follow up with final inspection before every delivery to ensure the best possible part quality. No matter how complex the job, clients can rest assured that all final products will meet their exact specifications.

    To learn more about our stamping work for the appliance industry, or to request a quote for your next precision machining job, reach out to the team today.