There has been a great deal of talk about the future of alternative fuels. From electric to natural gas to hybrids, it often seems that the auto industry is only focused on moving away from fossil fuels and combustion engines. But in fact that is not really the case. Major auto makers like Ford know that while alternative energies heavily influence today’s automotive landscape, the near future is going to demand traditional combustion engines with increased fuel efficiency. In fact, federally-mandated CAFE (Corperate Average Fuel Economy) standards for small passenger cars will increase from today’s 36 MPG to 61 MPG in 2025. Therefore, industry leaders like Ford will need to find a way to make a 100-year-old product nearly twice as efficient in just 13 years.
An EcoBoost for the EnvironmentTo reach these goals and still make cars and trucks that people want to drive – and can afford – Ford has designed a new line of engine, dubbed the EcoBoost.  These exciting new engines help boost fuel efficiency by shrinking the size of the internal components – while increasing performance through a combination of improved fuel injection and turbocharger technology.
At Keats we know we are going to play a large role in this push for greater fuel efficiency. We recently designed and built a new fuelinjection steel shield that is used in modern, fuel efficient combustion engines. We’ve used four-slide and multi-slide stamping to manufacture 3,000,000 of these custom cold rolled steel shields, which were created to help all companies at the forefront of automotive manufacturing reach their lofty fuel management goals. Because we are already at the center of this burgeoning designing and manufacturing movement, Keats is well positioned to take full advantage of the next 20 years in automotive innovation and change.

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