Material Matters: Choosing the Right Metal for Your Project

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The dedicated team at Keats Manufacturing Co. has been crafting stamped metal parts since 1958. Over the past few decades, we’ve seen a number of unique projects and individual parts come through our facility. While many decisions — from design details to custom tooling — influence these parts’ performance, one of the first choices made […]

Keats SW: How Our Second Facility Meets Customer Needs

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Customer service has always been at the forefront of everything we do here at Keats. Since our founding in 1958, maintaining unparalleled customer service has been the driving force for all of our business decisions; it also factored in to our decision to augment the manufacturing capabilities of our original Wheeling, IL facility with a […]

Building a Community of Manufacturers: Keats and the Industrial Manufacturing Committee

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Keats has been a part of the manufacturing community since 1958, and we’re expanding our commitment to new service areas. Our partners and neighbors can benefit from new initiatives like the Industrial Manufacturing Committee (IMC). Matt Eggemeyer, Chief Operating Officer of Keats, currently serves as the Vice President of the Wheeling-Prospect Heights Chamber of Commerce […]

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Welcome to MFG Day at Keats

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MFG Day, STEM Education and Why Keats Cares Bert and Glenn Keats saw more than just the Northwest Side of Chicago in 1958 — they saw opportunity. Starting with three employees and growing to triple digits is something we’re proud of as a company and as a family, and we couldn’t have done it without […]

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10 Steps to Convert to Progressive Die Stamped Parts eBook

10 Steps to Convert Machined Prototypes to Progressive Die Stamped Parts

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Once you have a prototype made, what’s your next step? Even if the prototype was made using traditional machining capabilities, you have other fabricating options that may offer you more in terms of cost and time savings. For your next project, consider converting traditionally machined prototypes into progressive die stamped parts. Utilizing progressive die stamping […]

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