2012 has been a much better year for the auto and home building industries. After years of low home prices, foreclosures have slowed and sales and starts have picked up. The auto industry has seen an equally impressive if not more robust comeback. Since 2009 they have added almost 25% more jobs and they are producing and selling many more cars and trucks.
At Keats, much of our work is derived from these two giant and now recovering industries. Because of this involvement, we have seen a recent increase in both demand and production. We are acquiring office space in our area, and turning it into manufacturing space. This expansion will allow us to handle the kind of demand that is only getting stronger by the day.
Along with expansion, we have recently added 10 new employees to the Keats family. As with all the hiring we do at Keats, we took a great deal of time and effort to find the right employees.  At Keats, we only hire people who show us that they are hardworking, dedicated, and honest. Skills can always be taught, but strength of character is something no amount of training can ever give you. 
Keep checking the blog to learn more about how Keats is expanding to meet the needs of an ever-brightening future.
Expanding with Keats
Part of the recently added manufacturing space at Keats.

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