With great strides in recent years, hearing aids are becoming just as technologically advanced as other electronics, like LED TVs or iPads. So maybe you can’t play Words With Friends on a hearing aid. Yet.  But the newest crop of audio assistance devices on the market do their best to achieve an unprecedented level of integration with those types of devices, and more. We take a look at those products, and some other interesting industry news, in this week’s blog.

Metal Stampings and Hearing AidsBluetooth support: As a cursory glance at this list of articles proves, this is one of the hottest trends in hearing aids today. Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids combine the best of all worlds: environmental audio amplification, along with audio feeds from your cell phone, music player, television, and more, directly into your ear, through the device – with no wires. Fears of frequency interference and tangled connections are a thing of the past, and no longer do hearing aids need to be switched out for earphones or headsets. Truly a breakthrough in convenience and assistance for all hearing aid users.
Attractive asthetics: This hearing aid  combines a stylish look with an incredibly useful visual feedback feature. Bucking the trend of smaller and smaller assistance devices, this one is meant to be seen.  With the appearance of an earring, the hearing aid also features a small LCD-type screen that displays a green, yellow, red, or blue wavelength symbol to indicate whether a speaker is too loud, too soft, too fast, or just right. In the concept stage right now, this one would certainly make a useful addition to the hearing aid market.
Metal Stampings and Hearing Aids

Solar power: Seeking to address a community which otherwise might not have access to hearing aids, the inventor and associates described in this piece developed battery-free devices, operated through solar power. As of now, 20,000 people in 30 countries have benefitted from this combination of ingenuity and generosity, with more nations on tap.

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