Reading some LinkedIn posts recently, we came across a discussion that we couldn’t help but jump into. A fellow engineer asked whether the reliable and versatile four-slide machine had become obsolete. You can probably guess our answer! Although four-slide machines were originally invented to fabricate springs and wire forms (and continue to do so today), technicians from other industries have continually found new and innovative ways to use them, far beyond their original applications. Rather than being outdated, four-slides are contributing to cutting-edge, efficient and accurate manufacturing just as much as ever.
We were pleased to see that we were just one of a chorus of many voices answering the LinkedIn query with a resounding “No!”, whether from job plants with their own four-slides, or manufacturers that use those plants’ services. Just a few advantages mentioned throughout the discussion were:

  • Increased speed as compared to die presses
  • Superior product design applications
  • Ability to produce more complex pieces
  • Close tolerances

One of the best ways to ensure those advantages is to dedicate enough time to employee training and machine maintenance, and we cannot overestimate the importance of this to other four-slide users and customers out there. With over 100 machines at our facility, and the expertise and creativity to continue to push their boundaries, we look forward to proving their viability and usefulness for years to come.

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