Copper Alloy for Metal Stamping

Material Considerations: Copper Alloys and Applications

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At Keats Manufacturing, we use a wide range of copper types for our stampings. These include hundreds of different alloys all engineered for different grades of quality in several areas: conductivity, machinability, strength, and corrosion resistance.  As copper is the most conductive non-precious metal, each alloy is an attempt to improve other characteristics of the material without […]

Perspectives on Plating and the Metal Stamping Process

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Plating is the process of adding another layer of metal onto an existing workpiece for multiple performance benefits, depending on the metal used to plate. At Keats Manufacturing, we know plating has a wide variety of options in both specific techniques and metals corresponding to these techniques for a desired final product. We understand this […]

Manufacturing in the Global Environment

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We’ve talked much about the American manufacturing industry here on our blog, but one thing that transcends national borders is environmental consciousness.  Within manufacturing, as well as on a global scale, a key concern for many responsible businesses is the objective to operate in a way that impacts our environment the least, and demonstrate an awareness […]

Keats and Customer Service

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Being committed to customers is something that every business, from big box retail to local coffee plants, touts as their highest priority.  It’s no secret that customer service has become of utmost importance for business success, especially as the internet is increasingly empowering customers with reviewing platforms like Yelp, Angie’s list, or Merchant Circle.  One major […]

Keats’ Commitment to Safety

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June is National Safety Month, and we at Keats heartily approve of the push for awareness and implementation of robust safety procedures in the workplace.  Part of what constitutes a job well done for us is a job that minimizes the risk involved with the operation of custom manufacturing equipment to provide the highest levels […]