Design Considerations for Automotive Electrical Systems

What Engineers Need to Know When Designing Automotive Electrical Systems

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Today’s modern vehicles are technically advanced with electronics that run dozens of systems. From running the engine to running the on-board entertainment system, a new car just wouldn’t be same without all the high-tech electronics. When designing new electronics for vehicle use there are many factors that need to be considered. To make the designing […]

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Working with Chromel, Alumel & Constantan

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As applications throughout industries become increasingly specialized, it is more important than ever to find custom materials for unique project requirements. The range of materials available for engineers and MROs are truly varied, and includes a number of unique materials, such as chromel, alumel and constantan. Chromel, alumel and constantan contain unique material properties or […]

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Choosing a Mil-Spec Supplier

3 Things to Know When Choosing A Mil-Spec Supplier

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Companies, suppliers, and manufacturers involved in the military and defense industries are well aware of the highly specialized nature of these products. Every part, component, or piece of equipment manufactured to serve the military and defense industry must adhere to a strict standards, commonly known as Mil-Spec. Mil-Spec, short for “military specifications,” is used to […]

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3 Ways to Reduce Turnaround Time and Stamping Costs

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At Keats Manufacturing Co., we take great pride in our dedication to our customers, especially as we design and develop stamped components, subassemblies, and other stamped solutions for various applications across a diverse range of industries. Part of that dedication involves making it easier for our customers to cost-effectively and efficiently meet their metal stamping […]

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Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner Acknowledges Keats’ Accomplishments in Inaugural Speech

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In his inaugural speech this week, newly-elected Governor Bruce Rauner recalled his visit to Keats Manufacturing Company and described what he learned from Keats’ history. Rauner acknowledged how far Keats has come: from one employee and a couple machines in 1958, to employing 110 Illinois workers and 75 machines running 24 hours a day, 5 […]