Welcome to MFG Day at Keats

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MFG Day, STEM Education and Why Keats Cares Bert and Glenn Keats saw more than just the Northwest Side of Chicago in 1958 — they saw opportunity. Starting with three employees and growing to triple digits is something we’re proud of as a company and as a family, and we couldn’t have done it without […]

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10 Steps to Convert to Progressive Die Stamped Parts eBook

10 Steps to Convert Machined Prototypes to Progressive Die Stamped Parts

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Once you have a prototype made, what’s your next step? Even if the prototype was made using traditional machining capabilities, you have other fabricating options that may offer you more in terms of cost and time savings. For your next project, consider converting traditionally machined prototypes into progressive die stamped parts. Utilizing progressive die stamping […]

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Design Considerations for Automotive Electrical Systems

What Engineers Need to Know When Designing Automotive Electrical Systems

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Today’s modern vehicles are technically advanced with electronics that run dozens of systems. From running the engine to running the on-board entertainment system, a new car just wouldn’t be same without all the high-tech electronics. When designing new electronics for vehicle use there are many factors that need to be considered. To make the designing […]

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Working with Chromel, Alumel & Constantan

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As applications throughout industries become increasingly specialized, it is more important than ever to find custom materials for unique project requirements. The range of materials available for engineers and MROs are truly varied, and includes a number of unique materials, such as chromel, alumel and constantan. Chromel, alumel and constantan contain unique material properties or […]

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Choosing a Mil-Spec Supplier

3 Things to Know When Choosing A Mil-Spec Supplier

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Companies, suppliers, and manufacturers involved in the military and defense industries are well aware of the highly specialized nature of these products. Every part, component, or piece of equipment manufactured to serve the military and defense industry must adhere to a strict standards, commonly known as Mil-Spec. Mil-Spec, short for “military specifications,” is used to […]

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