As discussed in this article, Mexico is now the largest supplier of metal automobile parts to the United States. In addition, 11% of cars sold in the U.S. are manufactured in Mexico. Although a large number of car manufacturing jobs are moving back to the U.S. from Mexico, it’s apparent that automotive manufacturing there is a force to be reckoned with. We consider it an exciting time to be part of the industry through our metal stampings, and look forward to partnership opportunities.
One of our biggest strengths here at Keats is our location. Our El Paso, TX facility allows us to be part of the manufacturing chain on both sides of the border. This is a great way to contribute to manufacturing in both places, increasing and improving auto parts production. We’re proud to be part of the resurgent automotive industry as it enters its next phase, here in the U.S., and worldwide. Visit our site for more info on all applications for our metal stampings.

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