One of the many diverse uses for metal stampings is in circuit breakers, which prevent electrical circuits from blowing out or short circuiting. Two new circuit breaker products that we’ve learned about are used in cutting-edge environmental technology that provide a great look at the continually evolving nature of the industry: Siemens’ electric car charging column and Eaton’s wind farm breaker .
The Siemens charging column represents a real turning point for the electric car industry. It’s expressly designed for use in public places like parking garages and curbside parking spots, and it can recharge two vehicles at once. Siemens’ investment in this type of product – one designed to be used outside the home – illustrates the increasing popularity of electric cars as much more than niche vehicles. The Eaton wind farm breaker uses a unique vacuum interrupting technology designed specifically for wind farm energy-collection points. It also doesn’t require cooling or ventilation. It’s great to see this type of innovation made possible by products like metal stampings, and we’re excited to see what’s next.

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