It’s one of those everyday parts of life that you never really notice – until it’s not there. Sure, this could apply to lots of things: your shoelaces, for one, or your cell phone, for another. What we’re talking about today, though, is the overhead dome light in your car. It sure can be jarring to pull open your driver’s side door at night, expecting to duck into a well-illuminated interior, only to be met with the same pitch-blackness that you’re standing in. Dome lights have been on our minds more than usual here at Keats, though, since we’ve been using a brand new piece of equipment specifically to manufacture dome light components for one of our partners.

With such a versatile range of operations here, we can assist all types of other manufacturers in getting their products completed and ready for shipment. It’s especially rewarding when one of our long-time partners is able to expand a product line that Keats has been an integral part of, which was the case with this dome light manufacturer. Landing a major contract with a domestic automotive manufacturer (our industry colleagues will understand our inability to use specific names here), our partner needed increased production from our end – and fast! Our new stamping press allowed us to step up and meet that need, keeping the dome lights rolling off the assembly line and into your car. Our numerous facilities and ample production space are ideal for this type of flexibility: obtaining new, dedicated equipment on demand to meet a specific need. Check out our website for more stories of manufacturing success.

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