Recent reports show that home building in the U.S. is on the rise. It is big news because it has rarely been the case since the recession began in 2008. In fact, construction spending is up almost 13% from early 2011. In the middle of all this promising news, Keats has been receiving a lot of new work from the residential electrical industry. More specifically, we’ve been working with companies that specialize in electrical distribution and circuit breaker boxes. If you’ve ever seen the inside of a breaker box, you are aware that it is a complex piece of equipment. There is very little room for error when it comes to powering a home, so precision and quality are essential. 
The reason we’ve seen so much business from this sector, is that Keats is equipped to handle the metal stamping necessary to craft the perfect circuit breaker box. Both our Wheeling and El Paso locations have four-slide technology, which turns out to be very well-suited for the work at hand. It is an efficient way to achieve the complex formed and bended shapes that are necessary for these components. As an added bonus, it produces much less scrap, which is a giant cost savings across the board.
As the economy keeps trending upwards, Keats is ready, willing, and able to handle anything the residential electrical industry can throw at us!
Workers are back on the job with construction
spending up almost 13% since early 2011.

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